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WHAT CAN BORIS LEARN FROM THE CLASSICS?: The new London mayor, Boris Johnson, has been accused of lacking experience and political nous, but he has always boasted one qualification for government – a good grasp of Latin, Greek and classical history. So just what lessons can a modern politician learn from antiquity?

VATICAN GIVES LATIN ONLINE BOOST: The Roman Catholic Church, for centuries a bastion of Latin usage, has given the ancient tongue a 21st Century boost by launching a website in Latin.

BERLUSCONI BOASTS OF ‘GOOD’ LATIN: Italian opposition leader Silvio Berlusconi claims he speaks Latin well enough to engage Roman dictator Julius Caesar in lunchtime conversation.

OLDEST KNOWN BUST OF CAESAR FOUND: Divers in France have found the oldest known bust of Roman dictator Julius Caesar at the bottom of the River Rhone, officials have said.

SCHOOL LATIN RISE ‘AN ILLUSION’: The number of state secondary schools teaching Latin has doubled over the last seven years, statistics reveal.

KEEPING LATIN ALIVE: A team from Gloucestershire has been making Latin films as part of efforts to encourage more people to speak the language.

REVIVING A ‘DEAD’ LANGUAGE: The children are writing postcards about their favourite things – holidays, sport, food.

CONCERNS OVER POPE’S LATIN MASS MOVE: Pope Benedict’s plans to revive the Latin Mass, which includes prayers for the conversion of Jews, is causing concern among Catholic and Jewish groups about relations between their faiths.

LATINIST LAMENTS ‘DYING LANGUAGE’: One of the world’s foremost scholars in Latin has said he believes the language is dying out.

FINLAND MAKES LATIN THE KING: Finland is one of the quieter members of the EU. But now its turn at the EU presidency has thrust it into the spotlight ― and exposed an unusual passion.

ANCIENT ROME IS WHERE OUR HEART IS: As the classics die out in our schools, we should remember the debt we owe those civilisations.

BURNING PASSIONS: A vicious tyrant, incestuous, decadent, capable of the foulest crimes yet racked with guilt…

SACRED MYSTERIES: Catholics miss the old Latin Mass.

SPARTAN EPIC IS LAST HOPE FOR SWORD AND SANDAL MOVIES: Can a British-led cast for a film about the Battle of Thermopylae save a historical genre?

POPE TO EASE RULES ON LATIN MASS: Pope Benedict XVI plans to relax restrictions on the celebration of the old Latin Mass, abandoned 40 years ago.

LATIN MAKES VATICAN CITY COMEBACK: In the new Vatican of Pope Benedict XVI, Latin is in and Polish, the language of John Paul II, is out.

VATICAN BREATHES NEW LIFE INTO LATIN: An up-to-date Latin dictionary produced by the Vatican goes on sale this week, modernising a language considered by many best left consigned to history.

LAMPARD PASSED THE LATIN TEST: It was on the night of April 6, 2005, that Frank Lampard proved himself a player of the highest class.

SECOND BITE AT £1M FOR LLEWELYN-BOWEN: Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is more famous for his flamboyant dress sense than for his general knowledge or his incredible good fortune.

GIBSON PLANS LATIN PROJECT: Actor Mel Gibson is to direct a film about Jesus Christ made entirely in the ancient languages of Latin and Aramaic — without any subtitles.

LEGAL LATIN: BBC Radio 4’s Law in Action was broadcast on Tuesday, 31 January, 2006 at 1600 GMT.

R.I.P. COURTROOM LATIN: Courtroom Latin has been taken to a place of execution and publicly hanged.

WOMAN’S HOUR: Before the 19th century anyone who did not have knowledge of Latin was a second class citizen amongst the educated classes.

RICHARD OLLARD: Scholar, historian and publisher’s editor with an unerring eye for literary talent.

PIERRE VIDAL-NAQUET: French historian who opposed army torture during Algerian war.

COIN SHOWS CLEOPATRA’S UGLY TRUTH: Antony and Cleopatra, one of history’s most romantic couples, were not the great beauties that Hollywood would have us believe, academics have said.

THE BLACK ROMANS: Did you know that Black and Asian people first came to the North East in Roman times? Or that England was once ruled by a Libyan?

CURSO DE LÍNGUAS E LITERATURAS ATRAI CADA VEZ MENOS ALUNOS DO ENSINO SECUNDÁRIO: Petição em defesa do ensino das línguas clássicas debatida na AR. Ministério da Educação está a preparar alteração à reforma do secundário.

SOME PREDICT THAT CLASSICS WILL BE A DEAD SUBJECT WITHIN A DECADE: last year the number of students embarking on a Classics degree dropped to just 868.

THE CLASSICS TUTOR: Angela Mulligan is surprised how many people are doing Latin.

LATIN SET FOR SCHOOLS COMEBACK: Latin is being made available to thousands of pupils across the UK, even if there is no specialist teacher in their school.

SCHOOL TO SPECIALISE IN CLASSICS: A school in Berkshire is to become a centre of excellence for the teaching of Latin and Greek.

I THINK, THEREFORE I DO LATIN: Bright pupils in a group of Leeds secondary schools are taking after-school classes in Latin to help boost their analytical skills.

IT FAILURE THREATENS LATIN STUDY: Technical problems are being blamed for delays in launching a computer project aimed at boosting Latin in schools which do not have a specialist teacher.

PUPILS LEARN LATIN AT LUNCHTIME: The headteacher of a Norfolk first school is hoping to improve literacy among her pupils by teaching them Latin.

LATIN LESSONS GO HI-TECH: Pupils at a secondary school in Brighton are giving up their spare time to bring Latin into the 21st Century.

LATIN MAY NOT PASS A ‘USEFULNESS’ TEST but it can set you free.

ANGER AS EXAM BOARD DROPS CLASSICS: The UK’s biggest exam board has outraged classicists by deciding to drop Latin and ancient Greek.

PLEA TO EXAMINERS OVER CLASSICS: Plans by a major exam board to drop Latin and ancient Greek have been challenged by the government.

CLARKE CRITICISED OVER CLASSICS: The Education Secretary has been accused of “pig ignorance and blind prejudice” after questioning the value of studying classics at university.

CLARKE QUESTIONS STUDY AS ‘ADORNMENT’: The Education Secretary, Charles Clarke, has stoked the argument about what universities are for – suggesting that study for its own sake is merely “an adornment to society”.

A IMPORTÂNCIA DAS LÍNGUAS CLÁSSICAS: Docente universitária defende a necessidade do Latim e do Grego.

ESCRITORES DEFENDEM LATIM EM VEZ DE INGLÊS: A promoção do inglês em detrimento do latim foi severamente criticada por dois escritores portugueses.

GRAÇA MOURA: PROBLEMAS DO ENSINO CADA VEZ MAIORES: Eurodeputado defende que é necessário estar ao nível da competitividade europeia.

FALTAM PROFESSORES: O Ministério da Educação está a fazer um estudo sobre os recursos humanos necessários no sistema educativo, num prazo de 10 anos, que já detectou que serão precisos professores de Educação Física, Química, Física, Português, Grego e Latim.